Quality & Flavor

Our differentials lie in the high quality of the beans we use in all Baianí chocolate bars, and in a production process that enhances the uniqueness and personality of flavors.

How we make it

Origin & Tradition

Our families have been cultivating cacao since the early 1900’s and now, through novel agricultural practices, techniques and protocols, we are producing craft quality cacao, the main ingredient in our bars.

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Our history is imprinted in our soul.

From the cacao seed that united families, that planted a passion and united people around a cause: To bring out the personality of our chocolate.

Prepared by us, all the way from seed to final product.

From Bahia to the world.

Chocolates Baiani

Baianí Chocolates gained international recognition for its quality and flavor, winning awards at major international competitions like the 2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival, the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Academy of Chocolate, the 2019 International Chocolate awards Americas and the 2019 Prêmio Bean to Bar Brasil.

70% vintage 70% raspas de laranja 70% torra ousada 57% dark milk 70% torra ousada 70% torra ousada

Where to buy

Baianí bars are available at selected retailers that understand and value craft products with great quality.

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Baianí is available at more than 20 retailers in Brazil and USA Baianí is available at more than 20 retailers in Brazil and USA

Baianí Chocolate bars have been catching the attention of several retail partners, like Casa Santa Luzia, the largest specialty and gourmet retailer in São Paulo and at The Meadow NYC.

We travelled to NY to join the Summer Camp-Chocolate FunConference We travelled to NY to join the Summer Camp-Chocolate FunConference

From there we went to NYC to participate of the summer edition of the FCIA event.

Baianí at the largest Chocolate Festival in Brazil Baianí at the largest Chocolate Festival in Brazil

In July we participated of the largest chocolate festival in the Brazil, the 11th edition of the Chocolat Festival in Ilhéus, Bahia.

Vale Potumuju

Tree to bar

“Tree-to-bar” is and extension of “Bean-to-bar”. It defines the chocolate maker that also produces its own Cacao Beans. It’s when this maker has a farm, cultivates, ferments, dries and then transforms these cacao beans into chocolate, making sure the unique characteristics and flavors are brought out.

Know our origin

The producers

The careful production of Baianí Chocolates is followed closely and with a lot of care by Chocolate Maker Juliana Aquino and by Producer Tuta Aquino, all the way from the cacao harvests to the wrapping of our bars

Meet the makers

After getting my gastronomy degree and recuperating the cacao farm where I spent most of my childhood, the aromas coming from the fermentation and drying processes of cacao beans brought back so many loving memories. My passion for cacao was renewed. And the love for chocolate was born.

Juliana Aquino,
Chocolate Maker

What people are saying about us

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNOg6HmWrx0 https://paladar.estadao.com.br/noticias/comida,chocolates-do-brasil-ganham-destaque-em-premio-internacional,70002311220 https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/27/bioterrorism-in-bahia-witches-broom-chocolate/ http://www.brpmidia.com.br/2018/01/24/musica-para-o-paladar-o-novo-jeito-de-fazer-chocolate-tem-nome-bean-to-bar/ https://www.gazetadopovo.com.br/bomgourmet/chocolate-arvore-barra-produtores-bahia/ https://graoespecial.com.br/casal-baiano-recupera-fazenda-de-cacau-da-familia/ https://chocolatrasonline.com.br/chocomarcas/baiani/

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